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Melbourne Music Week 2014: The Innocuous Laneway Party at Somerset Place Laneway

When you see the name Innocuous against a party you should do one thing… buy a ticket. The Melbourne dance get up are holding a Laneway Party as a part of the Melbourne Music Week and trust us, this isn’t one to miss. A keen eye on throwing some of the best parties known down […]

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New Music: Klaxons – ‘There Is No Other Time’

James Murphy is on a mission. He is seeking out our favourite bands, the rock, the roll, the psychedelics, the indie, the punk, the alternative. He is slowly infiltrating their lives, their music. Soon, every band in the world will become.. LCD Soundsystem. First, he took on Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, co- producing the album, turning […]

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Need Some Free Energy?

Strangely enough, it was a case of deja-vu which sparked my interest in Free Energy. Listening to the track ‘Dream City’, a compelling sense of familiarity invoked by a single chord, albeit played at a higher tempo, instantly reminded me of “Fans” by Kings of Leon. Apologies, however, to KoL fans out there, that’s where […]

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