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Album Review: Jungle – ‘Jungle’

Like many others, I first became acquainted with London duo Jungle earlier this year, after the release of their brass-infused single Busy Earnin’. As a sucker for a horn section, Jungle had my attention immediately. Several months later, they have not only my attention, but my adoration and some of my money. Jungle’s eponymous debut […]

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New Music: Jungle – ‘The Heat’

Here’s a sexy little number to kick off your weekend by London duo Jungle. Set to have an enormous 2014 we’re really digging this tune with its captivating groove and subtly in approach. THE HEAT LUCKY I GOT WHAT I WANT

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Weekly Playlist 99

Well we just can’t call it the weekly playlist anymore, because it simply just isn’t. But then again, the last time I checked, we don’t live by ‘the rules’, so sue us (don’t). This whatever it is playlist features awesome new music though and that’s what you come here for! So throw the cat around […]

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