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The Griswolds and Chance Waters: Fri, October 4 @ Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane

Come 8:30 last Friday night, I had some mad déjà vu going on. Oceanics had just started up their set, and by Christ I swear I’d heard them before. The déjà vu was probably on account of the fact I’d heard them a few times on Triple J. The station has given these guys a […]

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Rainy Day Women: Wed, March 13 @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Brunswick St, Wednesday, 9pm. Restaurants are closing, chairs are being stacked and money counted. However, a few revelers trickle through a lone doorway, up a set of stairs and into Black Bear Lodge. Fremantle band Rainy Day Women await! Before the boys could take the stage, Gold Coast product Oceanics treated the few Brisbane punters […]

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