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Holy Holy: Thurs, November 21 @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Holy Holy were a bit of an unknown entity for me heading into Thursday night. I’d heard good things, but not having seen them myself, it was a kind of like going on a blind date I’d set up on a dating site. The only thing I had to go off was the band’s one […]

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The Jungle Giants w/ Northeast Party House: Sat, October 26 @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane

The Jungle Giants and I have a love/hate relationship. As in I love them, and they may or may not have a restraining order against me. I only have the vaguest ideas why, but it could be because the last time I caught these guys live was at this year’s BIGSOUND Festival, where I might […]

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The Griswolds and Chance Waters: Fri, October 4 @ Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane

Come 8:30 last Friday night, I had some mad déjà vu going on. Oceanics had just started up their set, and by Christ I swear I’d heard them before. The déjà vu was probably on account of the fact I’d heard them a few times on Triple J. The station has given these guys a […]

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