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Slumberjack: My Favourite Tunes

Slumberjack are incoming. And BOY, have they hit the ground running. The Perth duo have been making waves all around the country with their banging tunes – a uniquely blended mix of dark tones with upbeat glitchiness, which is setting them apart from so many in the recent Australian-electronic-music baby boom. They’ve been on tour […]

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Slumberjack are touring!

Before we go any further: if you aren’t yet familiar with Perth-based electronic duo¬†Slumberjack, that needs to change right now: Yet another overly-impressive newcomer to the Australian electronic scene, Slumberjack slots right in with glitchy, upbeat producers like Wave Racer and Basenji. In saying that, however, it’s a far cry from anything you’ve heard before: […]

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