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Live Review: The Blurst of Times, Saturday October 20 @ The Brightside/The Zoo

Saturday morning was rough. Having lost a battle between myself and a BYO Asian restaurant, the thought of The Blurst of Times that day was making me cringe from my sick bed. However, Coopers Red always comes in handy, and we were off to Fortitude Valley for the second year of the event. Whatever remnants […]

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Live Review: Dune Rats, June 28 @ The Zoo

“Who here likes MDMA?” Danny, frontman of the Dune Rats, shouts to the audience. A man from the crowd climbs a stack of speakers and is swamped by security, a topless girl sits on top of her friend’s shoulders, and some drug fucked dude is head banging vigorously despite the band not having started ┬átheir […]

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