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Introducing Stewsday Night at the Movies: Brisbane’s newest film (and stew) night

Tuesday nights can be a bit dull, especially for Brisbane. Too close from the weekend just gone, too far from the weekend to come, and most places are actually closed. Not anymore! The cool dudes behind Saturday night staple Trainspotters are here to save the (Tues)day, one cheesy horror movie at a time! Stewsday Night […]

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Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters + New Album

Hey Geronimo Takes Over Trainspotters, three gigs curated by the lads of Hey Geronimo, kicks off this weekend on Saturday, July 12, with the remaining shows to follow in August and September. The event’s at Trainspotters, and features the likes of My Own Pet Radio (the solo project of Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music), […]

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