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Blood Red Shoes confirm new record

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on December 4, 2013

Blood Red Shoes have completed recording their new LP and they’ve given it the convenient name of Blood Red Shoes.

It’s set to drop on March 3rd with the duo out of Brighton giving their fans a challenge to unlock this new track ‘The Perfect Mess’. Placing ten QR codes in ten different cities around the world, they would only release the song once all of them had been discovered.

Berlin was the city of choice to record this album which was done so in a very dumbed down manner. No producer, no engineer just them a concrete room jamming and recording. Brilliant.

Blood Red Shoes track list:

1. Welcome Home
2. Everything All At Once
3. An Animal
4. Grey Smoke
5. Far Away
6. The Perfect Mess
7. Behind A Wall
8. Stranger
9. Speech Coma
10. Don’t Get Caught
11. Cigarettes In The Dark
12. Tightwire

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