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Holy Holy: video clip & travel guide!

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on April 16, 2014

Tim and Oscar, aka Holy Holy, recently released their debut EP, The Pacific EP, and have now signed with Sony Music. They’re currently touring around with Ball Park Music and Papa vs Pretty, and have received some pretty awesome review so far. We caught them in Sydney opening for Ball Park Music, where there “rich vocals melted like honey,” and they left a lasting impression on us in Brisbane last November.

Their single House of Cards (not to be confused with the TV show) has been played to great reception on triple j, and you can check out the video clip here:

Anyway, as you may know, Scenewave is a pretty international venture these days – we’re scattered around Sydney and Brisbane, and we’ve stretched over to London and France too. So, thanks to Sony and Holy Holy, we’re also presenting you with the first ever Scenewave Travel Guide! Woohoo!

Timothy Carroll (Holy Holy)’s top spots to visit in Stockholm, Sweden:

  1. Glen Miller Cafe: This is a fantastic tiny little bar near on the South Island, They serve a selection of great beers on tap and specialise in Les Moules Frites (mussels and french fires) Best of all they host world Class Jazz performances each week – hard swinging trios right up close. The combination is my heaven.
  2. Drop Coffee: Swedes Love coffee and this place know what they are doing. Hand filtered single origin and all that.
  3. Indigo Bar – Great little bar in a cool part of town. They play good music and a pleasantly loud volume. Good for afternoon catch up or late night cocktails.
  4. Pet Sounds Record Store – Great record store, they have in-store performances, a great collection of records and 45s and I heard Quentin Tarantino went there when he was in town.
  5. Stockholm Tea Centre: The birthplace of Stockholm Blend. Take a walk up behind the store to the cliffs overlooking the city.



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