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Weekly Playlist 90

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on February 19, 2013

Weekly Playlist 90 features Phoenix, James Blake, Palma Violets, Foxygen, The Postal Service, Foals, Pond and Lord Huron

Phoenix – Entertainment

Newie from Phoenix, and they pick up right where they left off after Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Love the synth!

James Blake – Retrograde

Loving the direction he’s gone in. Have missed him and with this latest release, he does not disappoint!

Palma Violets – Step Up For The Cool Cats

Have been hyped for so long in the UK and their LP has finally been released. This first single epitomises their sound and highlights exactly why their name’s being dropped around the water coolers.

Foxygen – No Destruction

This track from Foxygen’s glorious second album captures all the best parts of the Californian duo’s sound. Whip-sharp lyrics and eclectic instrumentation make this a track to stick on repeat. By Hadley Hickson.

The Postal Service – A Tattered Line of String

An unreleased Postal Service track from around 2006. It’s been announced that they aren’t writing any new music, but it’s awesome to have another piece of this great group’s material.

Foals – Late Night

It’s been described as the cousin of “Spanish Sahara”, and features a delicate buildup, a really interesting guitar solo where he doesn’t try to do too much or anything too flashy, and an amazing scream which he’s so successfully mastered on their last couple of records.

Pond – Giant Tortoise

Pond’s new album is out very shortly. This first single is as awesome as predicted.

Lord Huron – Time To Run

An album that we somehow missed last year, and it is just stellar. This track will turn all of your bad feelings into good feelings… it’s a nightmare!

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