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Interview: Matt & Kim

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on May 1, 2013

Matt and Kim. Kim and Matt. Mim and Katt?

This crazy duo have been  guitar buddies as well as bed buddies for a long long time, so they know how to do it properly, just watch the video for “It’s Alright” and you’ll understand… Their crazy videos, hectic live performances and endless energy is what makes them work so well. From getting butt-naked in the middle of New York, to vertical crowdsurfing, to harlem shaking it, this couple choose to have fun with their music, and twerk it.

We asked Kim Schifino a couple of questions, and here’s how she responded:

SCENEWAVE: What artists are you really digging at the moment?
KIM SCHIFINO: We listen to a lot of top 40 pop and hip hop.  For me I listen to a lot of Big Sean.  There are always the staples though…. Jay Z, Kanye West, and Beyonce… throw in a little Meek Mill.

SW: One song that you would love to cover?
KS: Right now we cover Alice DJ – Better off alone.   We use to cover Biz Markie’s Just a friend.  I’d like to bring that back.  We might have some new surprises for you!

SW: What musical influences do you draw from?
KS: I don’t know if you would say we have musical influences. We are inspired by anything fun.  If it is music, art, parties.  Stuff that makes you want to forget about all the shit in your life.

SW: Any pre gig routine that you swear by?
KS: I warm up by dancing.  Got to tweak these muscles into shape before i get on stage.  The lower i get the better the show is going to be!  I also have a weird thing where i have to put a cough drop in my mouth before we go on stage.  Matt does nothing weird.

SW: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done this year?
KS: I don’t really get embarrassed.  I think we embrace anything embarrassing.  I say if anyone catches us falling on stage you better film that shit and put it up on the internet.  I am also the type of person who laughs a lot when friends fall.  I mean a fall where they don’t get hurt.

SW: What is your greatest fear?
KS: I am scared of Freddie and Jason.  From the horror movies.  I seriously believe that if i am alone in the woods jason is going to come out and fuck my shit up.  I guess i just don’t like nature in general. I would feel much safer in a back alley with a bunch of crack heads then stranded in the woods.

SW: What is your worst drug related experience?

KS: Hmm in December we went to Art Basel in Miami.  It is our one vacation of the year.  We just go down to hang out.  I had a night where i put down too many vodka red bulls.  Matt said i was trying to jump on a strippers back.  He had to pull me out of the bar.  He also said i was trying to fuck him all the way back to our hotel.  I woke up with a pillow next to the toilet and spent most of the next day like that.


SW: The videoclips for all your songs are intense and seem like they would have been a blast to create! How does the creative process work in relation to making videoclips like the one for “It’s alright”?
KS: Matt comes up with most of the video ideas.   I like to think some of them are just to torture me like the lessons learned video.  I definitely didn’t want to do that.  We like to think of a idea that is that million dollar idea you can do without a big budget.  I feel like a big budget usually kills the idea.  We are also not a fan of the videos where you see a band performing in a room then it cuts to a girl running around.  I don’t know we like our videos to have the energy of a live performance with out us playing live!  For example- It’s Alright or Cameras.

SW: You guys are in a relationship as well as in the same band, is that tough or awesome? Who wears the pants?
KS:We dated for a few years before we started the band.  We get along really well so it is actually great.  I don’t think the band would of lasted if we didn’t get along as well as we do. I will say i wear the pants…i wonder if matt would agree.  I just yelled out to matt to ask him.  He said i wear the pants!  ha.

SW: Finally, you’ve just released Lightning and will be touring it around Australia, what are you most looking forward to about coming here and what crazy things would you like to do (diving with sharks, petting koalas, getting Bondi rescued etc)?
KS: Diving with sharks?  What?  Do people do that?  That shit is cray! What is Bondi rescued and would i be into that?  Again remember i don’t do nature. I heard koalas will rip your eyes out!  Is that true?  I will say we have been to the koala sanctuary.   I am really looking forward to going to these towns that Groovin’ the Moo is hitting up.  I remember the first time we hit up Australia i thought it was crazy that you don’t drive everywhere.  I was confused that we were flying and not hitting up towns in a tour bus.  I can’t wait to hit up spots that are outside the cities we’ve already been to.

Matt & Kim are touring Aussie with their latest album Lightning so hit up Groovin the Moo to catch their crazy live performances. They also have a bunch of solo shows, including in Brissie at The Zoo on the 9th of May.

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