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New Video: Everything Everything, ‘Don’t Try’

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on May 29, 2013

The good times keep on coming from these English lads, from not only their flawless live performances, but their sensational music videos on release of their singles.

‘Don’t Try’ is a great tune, with the clip full of food fights, snippets of fine classic art and frontman Johathan on a white stallion. I’m on a horse.

Self directed by Jonathan Higgs he gives us his personal count of it as follows:

“Don’t Try is about letting it out and this video is all about absolute abandon. You can keep it in inside but it always comes out in the end one way or another, or it destroys you. I was inspired by the way repressing a mind can often make a person wildly creative, and I thought lot of dark imagery in paintings of hell were especially direct. I wanted to try and bring classic paintings to life in as much colour and expression as possible.”

Check it out below.

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