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Jeremy Neale: January 01 @ Southside Tearoom

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on February 2, 2014

With a cheeky grin and his smooth white guitar, Jeremy Sega Dreamboat Neale launched his new EP “In Stranger Times” on Vinyl amidst a packed out crowd at Southside Tearoom. His quirky personality and charming mannerisms made the show, with bursts of chatter sliding easily between his songs, highlights including the clever “Bodyboarding” (curse those bodyboarders, stealing our chicks) and his personal favourite “Lone Tiger”.

A man of many talents, he also frontsĀ VelociraptorĀ and has teamed up with the babes fromĀ Go Violets for some saucy fighting adventures. He’s also about to rescue The John Steel Singers, who have devastatingly been turned into robots, in his upcoming tour:

If you like your music upbeat, catchy and weird in the best of ways, buy this guy’s EP, hell you might even get it hand delivered (because postage is expensive)

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