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Live review: Meg Mac, Sep 25 @ Black Bear Lodge

Words by Scenewave Australia - Published on September 29, 2014

Meg Mac gave enough soul to fill every empty heart that sardined into her sold out show this past week at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane in support of her debut EP MEGMAC.

The Melbournite opened with Known Better, making it clear from the get go that she was no joke. Her nationwide tour, a first for Mac, was completely sold out – and after this gig, it was easy to see why.

Meg Mac can sing. She can seriously sing. She is the kind of singer who needs no special effects or auto-tune. It was raw, unadulterated talent flowering from the stage.

Mac soon moved on to play her most recent single Grandma’s Hands; originally by Bill Withers. She was joined on stage by her younger sister Hannah, who was on backing vocals, making it clear that talent runs in this family.

Much to the delight of the audience, Mac announced she would be playing the cover song that drew herself some serious attention; Bridges by Broods, originally performed for Triple J’s Like a Version. There was a huge burst of applause which died down as quickly as it erupted, leaving a haunting silence as the song began.

A personal highlight of the night was an ode dedicated to a misplaced necklace of Mac’s entitled Saint Philomène; accompanied by a loop pedal and sung entirely in French. Tout simplement magnifique! I did just Google how to say ‘simply beautiful’ in French because that is exactly what it was. Mac held the entire audience at a standstill. Had the music have been muted, you could have heard a pin drop.

On a completely different spectrum, however, was the final song of the evening, Roll Up Your Sleeves. The whole audience sang along to the gorgeous finale as what had been a truly magical gig, came to a close.

To put it simply (and with alliteration): Meg Mac makes marvellous music.

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