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Bloc Party - Octopus

Weekly Playlist 79

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on July 13, 2012

Weekly Playlist 79 features The Cast of Cheers, Bloc Party, Big Scary, Jinja Safari, Blur, Matt and Kim, and Grimes

We thought we’d reintroduce a synopsis of the tracks we’ve chosen and why we like them!

The Cast of Cheers – Trucks at Night

Not much more to say about these lads, then solid. This track is just bloody good. Catchy drumming intro into a bouncy anthem, layered with little guitar flicks. Awesome. MZ

Bloc Party – Octopus

Back in full force after the 3 year hiatus. Seeding breathing in the intro, with a bit of a sniff in this track of silent alarm part 2. Loving Russell’s guitar solo at 2.10. Splendour highlight. MZ

Big Scary – Leaving Home

So mellow, then all the backing drops out and he goes crazy. Absolutely sensational voice! RG

Jinja Safari – Moonchild

Older track but played like a version this morning! Atmospheric, classic Jinja. Don’t miss them at SITG 12. MZ

Blur – The Puritan

New one from Blur! Love how their sound keeps maturing, never know what to expect from these veterans! Sounds very Coxon influenced. RG

Matt and Kim – Let’s Go

Party party party! I think the token black guy in the film clip has been done though…Lonely Boy. MZ

Grimes – Oblivion

Didn’t know what the hype was about, nek second I believe the hype. There’s something about her strawberry vocals and the repetitiveness of this one that’s got me hooked. MZ

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