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Album Review: Letherette – Letherette

Words by Scenewave Oz - Published on May 18, 2013

A fresh end to the week has come with the stunning tunes by Wolverhamptons duo Letherette from their debut self-titled album.  

Having been introduced to them last week by a work colleague, I have had this one on repeat to and from work, at home, on my runs and on the shitter. The problem with this is album, is there isn’t a problem. I find myself pressing play and not wanting it to end.

Twelve tracks in total, this album effortlessly rolls out samples, complexities and layers that you envisage from your perfect DJ set.

Intertwined throughout this mastery are elements of an album by Daft Punk, ‘Discovery’ with the tracks such as, ‘Warstones’, ‘The One’ and ‘D&T’ providing such compliments. You’re probably sitting back drawing massive artist comparisons on your virgin listen, and you’re not wrong. I think though these comparisons are more of affinity rather than a blatant plagiarism.

Opening the album with, ‘After Dawn‘ this psychedelic little number draws you in, and blows you out the other side in full preparation for what the rest of the album lays down.

D&T‘ from the outset, will have you swaying uncontrollably, your head bobbing and you hoping that no-one just caught you in such a trance. Possibly one of their catchiest on the record, this track is massive and throws out a huge summer vibe!!

They slam the breaks on for, ‘Gas Stations and Restaurants’ and maybe this track is a masterplan in their wizardry. Playing on the epicness of their debut, they have given the listeners a pitstop and recharge point to embrace what is in store for the following six tracks.

Possibly one the funkiest tracks to drop this year (big call, as those french maestro’s gave us, Get Lucky) ‘Warstones‘ is mega. Adding it to my Arse Kicking Tunes list on Rdio, is for me is a driving force behind what Letherette is creating in their masterplan of sound. Depths of noise and beats intertwined on this one effortlessly form a dance floor anthem. By the way, any track that has a cowbell is better 100 fold. Fact.

Hard Martha‘ is by far their most experimental on the record, and it fits swimmingly into the LP with its unique sounds and boundary pushing bizarreness. They finish off with ‘Say the Sun‘, with this track winding the album down nicely, and putting a halt to the sensational journey the pair set out to take their listeners on.

Taking seven years to drop their first EP, I hope they don’t apply this to dropping their next LP. Lets just hope they carve their Letherette sound across the world at everyone’s parties and festival lineups.

To fully appreciate the complexities of sounds and levels, get a quality sound system or headset and turn it up.

Count me in as a Letherette aficionado.

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